(eXtensible Markup Language)

Call 1-800-358-6389 The eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is a general-purpose specification for creating custom markup languages. XML's purpose is to aid information systems in sharing structured data, especially via the Internet, to encode documents, and to serialize data; in the last context, it compares with text-based serialization languages such as JSON, YAML and S-Expressions.

XML is recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and is a fee-free open standard. XML has a set of tools that helps developers in creating web pages but its usefulness goes well beyond that. XML with other programming makes it possible to define the content of a document separately from its formatting, making it easy to reuse that content in other applications or for other presentation environments. The most important fact of XML is that it provides a basic syntax that can be used to share information between different kinds of computers, different applications, and different organizations without needing to pass through many layers of conversion.

Benefits of CBT Directís Online XML Training

CBT Direct boasts the most beneficial online training on the market. With CBT Directís online training, you have the flexibility to study on your schedule, and with the speed and reliability of the internet, CBT Directís XML training course is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. Convenience finally costs less with CBT Direct - the most affordable online training solution today.

The unique design of CBT Directís XML training course incorporates a proven four-step learning process: presentation, demonstration, guidance and independent practice. This four-step proven learning model for CBT Directís XML training course ensures the greatest level of comprehension and retention.

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Who Benefits from CBT Directís XML Training?

This training would be beneficial for individuals looking for IT job positions such as; Programmers, Game Programmers, Web Programmer, Web Developer or a Director of Programming.

What Professionals Will Learn from CBT Directís XML Training

Advanced XML
This training covers structuring XML with schemas, advanced schemas, transforming and formatting XML, querying, navigating and linking XML Data, as well as, XML APIs and extending XML.

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Advanced XML

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