Advanced Management Skills Series

Call 1-800-358-6389 In order to survive, managers need management training to be able to respond appropriately, not just for today, but for the organization's future success. This means they must plan, organize, direct, and control resources across time, distance, and cultures. Furthermore, in this ever-changing environment the manager must now attract, retain, and promote a diverse workforce. This business training course seeks to provide a systematic understanding of how to manage change in a global business context.

Today, management training needs to address the complex problems and challenges of the current global business environment. Managers must now rely upon other divisions, departments, or functions in order to allocate resources, prioritize their staff time, and cooperate with each other. This business training will help managers develop a degree of systems thinking where managers operate in a large interconnected system of value chains. These developments place a premium on managers implementing a new management development strategy of organizational learning and knowledge management which are key drivers in delivering success.

This management training course will examine what organizations need to do to ensure that they attract high performers, how they allow this talent to thrive, and, most importantly, how to avoid losing the talent to the competition. In addition, managers need to be able to evaluate an individual's performance and provide clearly defined outcome-based performance standards that create a benchmark for success. This requires managers to learn how to develop, coach, motivate, and inspire their high performers. Successful managers must not only have the ability to continuously drive these top performers to respond to change and stay ahead of the learning curve, they must also cope with any performance impediments, execute strategy, and deliver results.

Managers share the responsibility for managing the relationship with the top management and Board of Directors of the company and this business training course will demonstrate how taking advantage of that responsibility will strengthen motivation, productivity, and overall life quality of all concerned. Managers need to have necessary interpersonal skills required for succeeding in upward relationships. The focus is on the skills and strategies that support building positive and productive upward relationships and optimizing individuals' and organizations' performances. This management training course also offers managers a common-sense perspective on how to keep their bosses happy, productive, and successful for their own success and for fostering a good work environment.

Benefits of CBT Directís Online Advanced Management Training

CBT Direct boasts the most beneficial online training on the market. With CBT Directís online training, you have the flexibility to study on your schedule, and with the speed and reliability of the internet, CBT Directís management training course is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection. Convenience finally costs less with CBT Direct - the most affordable online training solution today.

The unique design of CBT Directís management training course emphasizes learner initiative, self-management and experiential learning. CBT Directís online course design begins with the definition of user-focused performance objectives and then proceeds to the selection and implementation of instructional strategies and learning activities appropriate for those objectives. This effective instruction model for CBT Directís management training course ensures the greatest level of comprehension and retention.

Who Benefits from CBT Directís Advanced Management Training?

The Advanced Management Training course is for senior level directors, senior managers of strategic business units, and advanced level managers. It would also be of interest to managers working in governmental agencies or nonprofit organizations where increasing business complexity places a premium on management development. The course would also be suitable for those high performing executives wishing to take on a significant corporate leadership position.

What Professionals Will Learn from CBT Directís Advanced Management Training

Click Here to Request a Quote With CBT Directís online management development training, students will learn techniques to manage strategic change, how to apply the three-phase transitioning process for change, identify the benefits for businesses of adopting a globalization strategy and the capabilities of effective global managers. The ability to identify the rewards of managing diversity in the organization as well as recognize examples of how the learning-and-effectiveness diversity model increases organizational effectiveness will be greatly increased while using this business training.

Students will be shown how to use effective communication strategies to manage diversity in a workplace scenario, recognize how the value chain contributes to competitive advantage and ways in which value chain dynamics can create value and solve problems. Using this management training will enlighten the manager about the benefits of cross-functional teams in an organization and practices for managing a cross-functional team.
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Individuals will recognize the benefits of effective management development for employees of an organization, how to manage the talent in your organization and the benefits of being proactive when managing high performers. This management training will demonstrate the benefits of personal development interventions, techniques to develop high-performing employees, as well as identify the responsibilities of the managerial role while building a winning team of managers.

Managers can use this business training to learn how to delegate tasks effectively, identify the benefits of effective delegation, use negotiation techniques and identify the characteristics of performance management strategies with examples of effective managerial mentoring. CBT Directís management training will offer examples of the steps you can take to build high performance through coaching, show how organizational politics apply to managers and techniques to manage non-performing managers or conflict while delivering or accepting positive criticism.

Professionals, while pursuing their management development, will recognize how politics are used in managing an upward relationship, how to build credibility and trust with your boss, show you what your boss can realistically expect from you and what to expect from your boss. Finally, students using this online management training will recognize the benefits of being able to manage a difficult boss.

In this self-paced online course, students will learn about a range of techniques for investing in your managers to establish their long-term commitment to the organization. In particular, you'll learn how to develop their competencies and skills through coaching. Finally, you'll learn how to identify signs of underperformance in experienced managers and how to help them overcome whatever is hindering their performance.

Advanced Management Skills Series

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