Thanks for MCSA Course
Dear CBT Direct:
I got through the Microsoft exams for MCSA, passing each on the first attempt. CBT Direct's online courses were an important part of my training. They offered detailed information that I needed to really understand concepts, and I really like the way these courses let me proceed with my learning at a pace and schedule that's right for me. The mentors in the online chat room helped me by answering my questions and pointing me to other resources. CBT Direct's courses are very detailed and seem quite complete. The simulations included in the courses are extremely realistic. I recommend these courses to anyone looking for a way to take charge of their professional development. If you're a motivated person who has the self-discipline to learn on your own schedule, instead of being forced to learn at the pace set by the teacher in a classroom, CBT Direct's courses can help you!
Thank You,
David Johnson

Thanks for MCP Courses
I've been studying with CBT Direct's courses for MCP Windows 2000 Server and MCP Windows 2000 Professional for about a month. I'm almost half way through both courses, and hope to achieve both MCP certifications very soon!
Your courses allow me to study during my lunchtime and at night while I'm at home. As soon as I get certified, I plan on updating my resume and starting my job search! Thanks again for your courses.
Daniel Praniuk

Thanks for MCSD Course
I started the MCSD course from CBT Direct in October 2002 and took my last test just two months later. I passed with a score of 890! Before studying with CBT Direct's course, I barely passed the VB Distributed exam, failed the VB Desktop exam twice, failed the SQL 2000 exam and didn't even take the VB Solutions exam. I didn't think I could continue to pursue certification after those attempts! Your course gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to pass all of my certification exams.
Thank You,
Ray Harrison
Harrison Computer Technology

Thanks for MCP Visual Basic Course
I took the MCP Visual Basic 6.0 exam before studying with CBT Direct's course. I was very concerned when the first question on the exam was "As a programmer you know…" What I did know was that I wasn't a programmer! With a click to your web site and a quick return phone call I was soon using your course to explain in further detail some of the questions I missed the first time I took the exam. This is going much smoother now! I am expanding my knowledge and preparing to retake the VB 6.0 exam.
Debbie Hendricks

Great MCP Course!
I'm married with a three-year-old daughter and work full time. I really don't have a lot of free time at my disposal. CBT Direct's MCP course worked well with my busy schedule and helped me get MCP certified.
With CBT Direct, I was able to study at any time and had access to live mentoring help 24/7. The course offered a lot of hands-on lab work, which helped me better understand the material. The MCP exam was the first exam I have ever passed on the first try!
Thank You,
Robert Reynolds

Three Certification in 11 Months
Just wanted to let you know that I passed another exam yesterday, which officially makes me an MCDBA! With the help of CBT Direct, I have successfully achieved MCSE, MCSD and MCDBA certification in less then 11 months… studying part-time!
Robert Angers

Visual Basics Course
I recently passed the Visual Basics Desktop Applications exams with a score of 100 percent. I never expected this in my dreams! CBT Direct's course was well organized and easy to follow. The online help and mentoring made everything so easy! All of my study questions were answered within 24-hours. The test prep exams prepared me for the real exam questions! Your course gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to pass the certification exams.
Aruna Pandey

MCSE and Cisco CCNA Courses
I still have two courses to go on the software package I purchased from CBT Direct, but I've achieved the primary objective already - MCSE and CCNA certification. CBT Direct was directly responsible for my attaining MCSE 2000 and CCNA certification. You can't say much more about a company than that!
It has always been a pleasure doing business with you. Take care and good luck.
— Michael P. Schabowski,

MCSE Course
CBT Direct’s MCSE course is the biggest bang for your buck anywhere, and I’ve spent a lot of time looking for deals! With unlimited email questions from your support group and thorough explanations to my study questions, your course is a great buy. I’ll let you know as I pass each exam.
— Mike Coleman

Excellent MCSE Courseware
I knew that if I had the proper educational tools I could reach my goals. CBT Direct supplied me with excellent courseware and access to mentors 24-hours-a-day. I worked hard and went through the courses in no time, and got MCSE certified. In a matter of weeks I had landed an excellent position as an IT support specialist and began my new and exciting career. If you put forth the effort, CBT Direct can help you reach your goals too!
— Gilbert Weeks, MCSE, CompTIA A+ Certified Professional

MCSE Course
This is to let you know how grateful I am that I signed up with CBT Direct…. I haven’t finished my certification but I’ve learned enough to land a job as a Systems Administrator and I’m making $12,000 more per year than my last job. Ask me why I’m so happy. It’s because I am very independent and confident in my new job and it just feels great! I intend to complete my MCSE and continue climbing the ladder but I just wanted to let you know that I didn’t expect such positive results so soon.
— Lexie Carter

MCSE Course
I found a few schools that met my needs and looked promising, but I still chose CBT Direct. I mainly picked your MCSE course because of the tremendous amount of support I felt from not only your ClassWare, but from the commitment and loyalty I got from the sales representative I spoke with on the phone when I called for your course information. Even now that I have started my course, I have been nothing but pleased. I look forward to the future courses as I work to become CCIE certified.
— Benjamin Huey

MCSD Course
In February of this year I received your CD courses for the MCSD exam. I started studying the Visual Basic v5.0 exam back in March. Well, today I was able to pass the exam on my first try, in spite of working a full-time position with technologies that weren’t always Microsoft related (I’m a contractor). Today you’ve earned another satisfied customer!
— Earl Garden, MCP

MCSE & CompTIA A+ Course
I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how impressed and pleased I am with my CompTIA A+ and MCSE course material so far. Everything is just as you said: clear, concise and very professionally produced. Again, thanks! You saved me and my two friends $8,200 each and provided us with everything promised from the "competitor" and more. Just to let you know, I referred CBT Direct to two other individuals who will be contacting you soon.
— Jeff Friend

MCSE Course
I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the MCSE product. I have already passed two of the certification exams and am not far from taking the third. I can attest to the fact that your product does not only prepare you to pass the tests, but also ensures that you know the material. I strongly recommend your product to anyone interested in pursuing this or any certifications you offer training in.
— Teo Salinas
Parts Supervisor, Dallas

MCSE Course
After an initial trip through the course material, let me say that the course I ordered from CBT Direct is the best MCSE self-study course that I have seen to date. The simulations are very good representations of the working environment and the course organization is outstanding.
— John Hanson
Network Manager
United Defense, L.P.

MCSE Course
I am currently using your MCSE course and absolutely love it. The best part of the course is the ability to get hands-on training and actually do the things you learn. I can study any time I choose and not have to worry about getting lab time to practice.
— Ron Etheridge


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