High-Quality Training
The quality of CBT Directís training is very high! I reviewed your competition at both Element K and Serebra before signing up to receive your Unlimited Training Library and Referenceware. The thing that sold me on CBT Direct was the access I received to your full range of courses.
Thanks Again,
Lem Davis

CBT Direct Makes Certification Possible!
Let me just say how much Iím enjoying my certification training! The courses have been such a great help to me. Unlike studying with a book, the step by step instructions and demonstrations in the course make it easy to understand and follow. In my position, it seemed hard to continue my education, let alone complete my certifications. CBT Direct has made it possible for me to achieve certification.
Thanks Again,
Chris Lamberson

Thanks for Excellent Product!
I have used several different types of training software before, but they all fell short of my goals. With CBT Directís training, Iíve found a way to get the IT knowledge that I need. Your course has allowed me to take my certification exams with the confidence that I have done all I can to prepare for them. Your course is easy to follow and provides practice tests to check my knowledge and progress Ė these practice tests helped me et over the fear of the test to come! Thank you for an excellent product and thank you for standing behind it with a firm reputation.
Take Care,
Jerry Peterson

Course Library and Referenceware
Dear CBT Direct:
Thank you for setting me up with the Unlimited Training Library and Referenceware materials. In my prior studies, I would pick up a book here or there and bookmark web sites on the Internet to work through. But there was no set track to follow to accomplish my goals and countless hours were spent searching for other explanatory material of questionable value. With CBT Direct's materials I feel I am well on my way to attaining my desired certifications. Your courseware teaches the required knowledge in a very straightforward manner. The mentoring questions keep me focused and the quality links for information are very helpful. The 24-hour online mentors for additional questions are something I've never had before and really appreciate. Referenceware is also something I find myself using more and more. Thanks again!
Sincerely Yours,
Michael H. Anderson

Thanks for Great Course
CBT Direct's course has more resources than I thought! Your course is a great learning tool and a fantastic resource. It's a well laid out program and looks very easy to use.
Christopher Hopstein

Experience Not Enough
Once I got out of the Army, I thought I had the experience I needed to start a career in the IT industry. But when I started putting in job applications, I realized I needed a certification. CBT Direct was the most cost-effective way to get that done! CBT Direct's training is easy to use, and the sales staff is the best I've ever worked with. This was my first time training with CBT Direct, but it won't be my last. I plan on using CBT Direct's courses for all my training requirements.
Thank You,
David Forristall

Great Course Content and Features
I'm about to complete the final part of the course that I ordered from CBT Direct. In about three weeks I'll be taking my certification exams! The course that I'm completing is excellent. The material is in-depth, precise and easy to understand. The simulated assignments, pop-up questions and unit tests have been very beneficial. They help me remember what I've already covered in the course.
I am so glad that I was introduced to your company. I would highly recommend CBT Direct to anyone wanting to get certified in the information technology field.
Trevor Bethel

ISA Course Saves the Day!
I wanted to share this story to let you know how much I appreciate CBT Direct's trainingÖ
Two of our company servers crashed recently. Before this happened, I had purchased a copy of CBT Direct's Microsoft ISA course in hopes of upgrading. When the servers crashed, I decided to go ahead and do the upgrade. I logged onto CBT Direct's e-Learning site and studied the ISA/VPN portion of the course. I was done in about an hour and went in and configured the servers. My remote users were only down for about two hours total!
After the upgrade, I had a better, faster and more reliable server. I looked like a hero and impressed the bosses with a new VPN solution! I now plan to use the Exchange 2000 portion of the course to help me in planning and implementing our new email server. I'm excited to continue using CBT Direct's courses and know that they are well worth the investment. Thanks for all your help!
Rusty Hill, MCSE NT4 and 2K, MCSA, CCNA and A+
Network Administrator
Bullet Freight Systems, Inc.

Online Course Best Option
I have tried all different kinds of training methods, and studying with CBT Direct has been the best experience for me! Time and availability were the most important features for me when looking for a training method, and I found that CBT Direct was the best option since I could study anytime and still keep my job.
I also found the opportunity to go back and review parts of the course, the practice assessment tests and the course graphics very helpful.
Gonzalo Sanin
Account Manager
Anew Broadband

Anytime, Anywhere Training
A few weeks ago I was faced with the where's, what's and how's of starting my computer training. One phone call with you not only made me realize that your training and offer were the best, but it also saved me thousands of dollars that I would have been paying off for many years.
I just want to say thanks and let you know that I love your training program! It's easy to use, I get help anytime I need it and I study whenever I want to.
Thank You,
Tony Witherspoon

Anytime, Anywhere Training
Dear CBT Direct:
I live in a remote location, so the options available to keep abreast of forever changing technologies are limited. I would love to go back to school, but there are no universities or college in our area. However, since I've enrolled in CBT Direct's e-Learning program, this barrier has been reduced dramatically. The same forever-changing technology has opened a wonderful opportunity for me to thank CBT Direct's e-Learning program. The 24-hour live help and mentor access is a blessing and probably one of the key elements in making e-Learning with CBT Direct successful. The mentors appear to be extremely qualified and provide you with awesome links that are truly helpful in learning and mastering some of the concepts quickly. It sure is nice to have the freedom to discretely ask any "dumb" questions and yet continue to obtain excellent guidance without being belittled.
Jeannine Robitaille
Systems Coordinator
Placer Dome (CLA) Ltd. - Campbell Mine

Online Mentors
Dear CBT Direct:
The online mentors are the best kept secret at CBT Direct and are always helpful, knowledgeable and polite. I could not have attained certification without them, and my training experience would not have been complete without them. These people are a few of the many unsung heroes at CBT Direct.
The courseware is also very complete and hits all the bases.
Roger Laurel

Online Mentors
Dear CBT Direct:
I am really enjoying these courses. I think CBT Direct provides a superior training product and I will recommend your courses to other developers. I am mostly impressed with the mentors and help staff. I have always received prompt and complete answers to any questions I've had, even if those questions didn't deal directly with certification issues.
Thank you,
Gene Smith

CBT Direct
I just wanted to extend my deepest gratitude to my CBT Direct sales representative for providing me with the best service I have received from anyone in the IT training industry. He kept his promises about CBT Directís courses, and even gave me a few surprises! I referred your company to my friends and I am confident you wonít let me down.
Omar Trevino, Senior Technology Engineer
TrevTech Technology Consultants

Excellent Customer Support
I just wanted to take the time to let you know that the service has been wonderful! I know that I have hit the [tech-support] staff with some real stumpers. Still, you guys came through with the right answers that I needed to get the job done. I am very pleased with CBT Direct and would recommend this agency to anyone in the field. The tech-support that CBT Direct has to offer is excellent to say the least. I will continue to use CBT Direct for all my training and certification needs.
Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Unbeatable Training
Certification tests aren't the point, just as taking a test isn't the point. You aren't getting a degree. You're running a company. The point is mastering material, and mastering it to the extent that you feel confident that you can accomplish the tasks required of you when you are back on the job. That's what we get from your courses - it's what makes them unbeatable.
Jim Rodgers,
Technology Implementation Manager,
Lucent Technologies

CBT Direct's Courses
We continue to invest in your learning content because of its unparalleled breadth and depth of subject matter, its effectiveness in educating our technology professionals on mission-critical technologies and applications, and its flexibility in meeting our deployment requirements.
Tim Smith,
Principal of Learning & Professional Development,
American Management Systems

CBT Direct's Courses
The implementation of your courses allow British Airways employees to have control of their own development. Computer based training can help attract and retain highly skilled staff; we believe [it] is the way forward for the future. The quality of the courses is very high; also we were impressed with the range of courses on offer.
Diane Pilot,
People Development Manager,
British Airways

CBT Direct's Courses
Your training programs have the depth and breadth of content that we need. They deliver consistent quality, offer efficient and effective methods of deployment, and are backed by strong customer support.
Tom Nesterak,
Director of Operations,
Whittman-Hart Institute for Strategic Education

CBT Direct's Courses
We tried videos and workbooks but found that these were not suitable for technical training. We approached a number of suppliers of computer-based training, but found only one whose range of courses covered all of the subject areas we required. You have developed your courses in line with the market-leading technologies...
Rosalind Taylor,
IT Staff Development Consultant,
Cornhill Insurance

CBT Direct's Courses
...the courses were of the quality we wanted - they provided the right combination of interactivity and course content... Providing cost effective training which motivates students to accept change is what we wanted to achieve. We have found with the CBT courses that the high level of interactivity keeps the students attentive, more so even than classroom-based methods of training.
Tom Price,
Interactive Learning Centres Manager,
Ministry of Defense, Strategic IS Division


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