Professional Development Unit (PDUs)

CBT Direct, a SkillSoft Learning Partner, offers online training courses that are approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI) for continuing education in project management and adhere to the “credit unit” requirements of the PMI. To maintain most Project Management Institute (PMI) credentials, holders must participate in continuing education programs in order to earn “credit units” or Professional Development Units (PDUs). PDUs are used to quantify approved professional development activities in continuing education. Typically, one PDU is equivalent to one hour (60 minutes) spent in a planned, structured professional development activity. These Professional Development Units (PDUs) can be earned in a variety of ways, such as taking approved online courses, attending Project Management Institute (PMI) global congresses, contributing to professional research or writing and publishing papers on the subject.

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is an authorized PDU (Professional Development Unit) sponsor member of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training. CBT Direct’s approved PDU courses are accepted for academic credit by the following institutions/organizations of higher education:

  • American Council on Education
  • Drexel University
  • George Mason University
  • University of Phoenix

Below is a list of CBT Direct’s approved online course titles for continuing education programs, along with each of their PDU values. For any questions about continuing education PDUs or our online training courses, call CBT Direct at 1-800-358-6389 or simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page and a training advisor will contact you shortly.

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Operations Curriculum
Managing Customer-Driven Process Improvement    
Why Customer Driven? Course Hours 2.5
Identifying What the Customer Wants Course Hours 3
Translating Requirements into Process Goals Course Hours 3.5
Understanding Processes Course Hours 2.5
Implementing Improvements Course Hours 2.5
Managing Process Improvements Course Hours 3
Introduction to Six Sigma for Champions Course Hours 3
Six Sigma Process Improvement Course Hours 3
Six Sigma Projects and Project Teams Course Hours 2.5
Six Sigma Foundations    
Introduction to Six Sigma Course Hours 2
Finance & Accounting Curriculum
Practical Budgeting Skills for Business    
Creating and Analyzing an Operating Budget Course Hours 3.5
Human Resources Curriculum    
Management Curriculum
Managing and Rewarding Top Performers Course Hours 2.5
Advanced Management Skills Series    
Managing Cross-Functions Course Hours 3
Managing Managers Course Hours 3.5
Managing Upward Relationships Course Hours 3
Effective Delegation    
The Basics of Delegation Course Hours 1.5
Delegation: the Personal Approach Course Hours 2
Managing Delegation Course Hours 3
Essential Mentoring Techniques    
Mentoring Effectively Course Hours 2
Mentoring as a Manager Course Hours 2
Implementing a Mentoring Program for the Organization Course Hours 2.5
Mentoring Strategies for the 21st Century Course Hours 2.5
Achieving Success: the Help of a Mentor Course Hours 3
Mentoring On-line Course Hours 2.5
Leadership Curriculum    
Business Execution    
Foundations for Business Execution Course Hours 7
Creating a Business Execution Culture Course Hours 8
Business Execution in Action Course Hours 5
Communication Curriculum
Running Effective Business Meetings    
Planning an Effective Business Meeting Course Hours 2.5
Leading an Effective Business Meeting Course Hours 2.5
Participating Effectively in a Business Meeting Course Hours 2.5
Business Writing Skills    
Writing with Intention Course Hours 4
Avoiding Errors in Usage and Punctuation Course Hours 4.5
Avoiding Grammatical Errors in Business Writing Course Hours 4.5
Crisp Composition Course Hours 4.5
Writing to Reach the Audience Course Hours 3
Getting the Most from Business Documents Course Hours 4
The Writing Process Course Hours 5
Personal Development Curriculum    
Working without a Net - The Business of Risk    
Risk Basics Course Hours 2
Approaches to Risk Management Course Hours 2
Decisions and Risk Course Hours 2
Strategic Planning and Risk Management Course Hours 2.5
Risk Strategies: The Cutting Edge Course Hours 2.5
Project Management Curriculum
Project Management for Non-Project Managers    
Project Management Fundamentals Course Hours 2.5
Transitioning into a Project Management Role Course Hours 0
Initiating and Planning a Project Course Hours 2
Managing a Project Course Hours 2.5
Troubleshooting and Closing the Project Course Hours 2
Project Management Essentials -
(PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition-aligned)
Managing Projects within Organizations Course Hours 2
Project Management Overview Course Hours 1.5
Project Management Process Groups Course Hours 2
Project Integration Management
(PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition-aligned)
Integrated Initiation and Planning Course Hours 2
Integrated Project Execution, Monitoring, and Control Course Hours 1.5
Integrated Project Change Control and Close Course Hours 1
Project Scope Management
(PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition-aligned)
Project Requirements and Defining Scope Course Hours 2
Create Work Breakdown Structure Course Hours 1.5
Monitoring and Controlling Project Scope Course Hours 1.5
Project Time Management
(PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition-aligned)
Defining and Sequencing Project Activities Course Hours 2
Estimating Activity Resources and Durations Course Hours 2
Developing and Controlling the Project Schedule Course Hours 2
Project Cost Management
(PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition-aligned)
Estimating and Budgeting Project Costs Course Hours 2
Controlling Costs Course Hours 1.5
Project Quality Management
(PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition-aligned)
Project Quality Planning Course Hours 2
Quality Assurance and Quality Control Course Hours 2
Project Human Resource Management
(PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition-aligned)
Planning Project Human Resources Course Hours 2
Managing Project Human Resources Course Hours 2
Project Communications Management
(PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition-aligned)
Stakeholders and the Communication Management Plan Course Hours 2
Processes for Managing Project Communications Course Hours 2
Project Risk Management
(PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition-aligned)
Risk Management Planning Course Hours 1.5
Performing Risk Analysis Course Hours 2
Risk Response, Monitor, and Control Course Hours 2
Identifying Project Risks Course Hours 2
Project Procurement Management
(PMBOK® Guide - Fourth Edition-aligned)
Planning Project Procurement Course Hours 2
Managing Procurements Course Hours 2

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